Todwick Ramblers Club

The Club’s origins date back to the 1980s whereby a group of Todwickians used to meet outside Todwick Village Hall on the second Sunday of each month to enjoy a circular local walk. This also included monitoring the condition of the local footpath network, a practice still undertaken by the Club today.

Gradually the group began to stretch its horizons by making use of public transport to access other sections of the footpath network that interconnected with Todwick Parish. This monthly event increased in popularity, so much so that a public meeting was held in 2006 to discuss the creation of a formal club structure. At this point, Todwick Ramblers Club came into being.

Today the Club offers a varied 6-monthly programme that aims to provide a minimum of 2 rambles per month. Their start and finish points are often local to Todwick enabling the Club to discover and appreciate the countryside close to home.

They also enjoy travelling further afield to explore the different landscapes that our region has to offer. With these journeys in mind, the Club operates a popular car-sharing policy. Their rambles, as a general rule, are circular with distances ranging from 5.5 miles to 7.5 miles, which include at least one refreshment stop.

The Club does not operate a programme locked into specific days of the week. Instead, it encourages members to organize rambles on the understanding that the leaders will need to arrange the date and time of the ramble to fit in with their personal diaries.

Internet communication has been embraced by the Club which is used to update members about forthcoming rambles and events. A rambles diary is published via the Todwick Village Web Site. This gives a brief account of past rambles and any highlights encountered on the day.

They are a friendly social group and welcome new members. Anyone interested is encouraged to join two or three of our rambles as guests before deciding whether they wish to join or not.

The Club is affiliated to the Ramblers’ Association and has third-party liability insurance cover, which accounts for a large percentage of the annual membership fee currently standing at £8.00.